Lexus NX Video

Tracks The All New Lexus NX 2015 -

THE GOAL, production of two 100 seconds product videos of the brand new LEXUS NX Hybrid and Turbo SUV's, for the sriking angles campaign of Lexus Europe.

THE CHALLENGE, produce and compose real 5K footage shot on the RED EPIC together with over 60% computer generated background and environment that illustrates the beauty and shape of the new Lexus SUV in a one week studio production.

THE TEAM, with state of the art camera and lighting equipment created stunning dynamic camera moves in the style and mood of professional studio photography.

THE WORKFLOW, latest in-house technology of real GPU rendering kept 3D CAD data save without the need to use cloud based render farms.

THE RESULT, over 100 sequences with high proportion of CGI content in this production sets benchmarks for small studios and budgets.

THE BENEFIT, still and video content profits same style and look to merge and streamline marketing targets.

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Post by Michael Schott

founder @ ViewMasterCGI